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Upcoming Tournaments

The lists for the following competitions are now up at the office door:

-          The Oktoberfest Competition on Saturday September 22nd on Ria – This year Texas Scramble

- Knock Out Championship - Mixed Pairs - September 26 on Ria

- Club Championship & Autumn Cup 6th and 7th October - Ria & Cima

and also all weekly regular tournaments

To enter the tournament:
Sign up on the list, send an e-mail to golfclubdolevante@hotmail.com or call +351 281 950 587





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Captain’s Bulletin No 4


Dear Members

Now having reached the quiet summer season at the Club, with many members having returned to their countries of Origen. Those of us remaining, are enjoying the unseasonably cooler weather most days, but perfect for golf.


Since my previous Bulletin, we have enjoyed very much the Swedish Day celebration golf and superb buffet, very kindly organised by Claes & Annie and other Swedish Members.

In addition, Henk’s traditional String Swing competition, followed by the tapas and auction, which through member’s & Henk & Loes’s considerable generosity, raised significant funds for the chosen charity. In addition, a raffle was held and a further donation was raised to benefit the crowd funding program for the young lad from Vila Nova de Cacela, who requires life saving medical treatment abroad.


Also during the month of June, there were two further Interclub League Matches, Benamor (away) draw, and Vale do Lobo (away) lost.


Mixed Friendly Matches, both home and away have been played against Salgados which were both won by our teams.


Ladies Friendly return was played at Vila Sol earlier this month result - lost


You will note on our website, that in addition to Captain’s Bulletin & News there are now 2 additional buttons for access to Interclub League and Friendly Match team selections and results.


The Board of Directors, have asked me to co-ordinate the formation of a fully functioning Match & Competition and Handicap Committee in compliance with European Golf Association (EGA) rules. To this end, nomination of members who are willing to offer their services are now sought as soon as possible. Please send your expressions of interest to :- phil.thomas9@btinternet.com


Looking forward to meeting up and playing with you again soon


Kind regards


Phil, Ginny, Marc & Beth



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Dear Members

As you are aware, the Clubhouse is closed for renovation and improvements since the beginning of  June.

 We have receiving some complains from the members regarding having to walk down through the construction area to the clube to make their inscriptions in the clube tournaments. Also  we frequently are asked why we do not use the temporary clubhouse (the marquee situated at the parking lot)  wall of fame board to display  all the info.

 So we are forced to explain why we do not use the temporary reception board wall of fame. 

1.       As ALL the members should know, all tournaments inscriptions should be done until 24 hrs before the competition , However  - as you all know – members call us sometimes a few minutes before the competition goes online either cancelling or asking if they can play. We, here at the club try to manage all this changes in order to satisfy all of you.

2.       Many members request to play at a specific time or like to play in the same flight with other specific members.

 We also try to be flexible to the point that we satisfy all these requests many times having to make new draws and scorecards.

 So in order to control all this information we need to have on time all the current updates. Now, If we use the temporary clubhouse wall of fame then we were not been able to do so.

So these are the reasons we will not use the temporary clubhouse and that is why the wall of fame board is for the moment at the Clube de Golfe do Levante office.

 To finish up we give our members 3 options that allow them to make their inscriptions on the tournaments.

1.       Go to the members office and make the inscription in the form

2.       Call to the office 281950585

3.       Send an email to golfeclubdolevante@hotmail.com

4.       If by any reason the phone or the internet is “down” you can use 919117196 (Lisa Lisboa)

 Again, we apologize for all the inconvenience but all members should be aware that all this is for their own benefit.


Those that did not give the club permission to contact them must understand that we will not send any info regarding tournament, tournament changes or updates so please contact the club if you need any info


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